Affordable small size shoes for women with petite feet?

If you're a woman with small feet, you understand the struggle. And sure you have similar situation in your life.

1. When you are pretty much accepted the fact that this will always happen to you.

2.when you realize “one size fits all” is the biggest lie in history

3.when your friend question WTF you are doing in the kids’ section in the first place.

Buying the perfect shoe is infinitely less frustrating than buying the perfect dress for a women with small feet. you sometimes seriously wish you had a fairy godmother to bippity-boppity-boo you a pair of shoes that actually fit & are cute. And are decently made & comfy too!

But Often times shoe stores don't carry your size and you're forced to shop in the kids section. But that's not fair.Why should you sacrifice style just because you have petites feet?
that's why we've found below sites that carry women with petite feet smaller than size 6, hope they are helpful to you. Happy shopping (and let's kiss goodbye to kid’s section.)


In addition to its awesome petite clothing, Nordstrom is known for its great selection of small sized shoes. They offer Burberry rain boots in a size 4 1/2, Valentino pumps in a size 4 and Jimmy Choos in a size 3 1/2. If you're after designer brands, this is the place to go.

Shoes of Prey:

Can’t find the style you’re looking for in your size? You can custom make your own pair of shoes in any designs on Shoes of Prey. There are templates you can use as a starting point or you can create your own design from scratch.


As the site with possibly the biggest selection, there's really no way you can go wrong. You can search by size, brand or color, making it insanely easy to find what you're looking for.

This site is one stop shop for petite feet lady who looking for small size heel, sandal and boots..  small shoes sizes range from Us size1 to size 4 and EU size 30 to size 35.. and sure you could find stylish heel at affordable price.

In line to outfit your small sized shoes, is a similar destination to Zappos in terms of the selection it carries. Their range is extensive & focuses on mostly conservative footwear with a few high fashion Sam Edelman designs sprinkled in.
A good selection of Doc Martens & Vans from a size 4 women’s shoe too!


Vintage Vixen for Vintage Shoes

Vintage clothing and shoe stores like Vintage Vixen are a great place to find women's shoes in smaller sizes. In fact, it's actually pretty rare to find larger sizes, but 4s and 5s are relatively common.

This is not only an opportunity to find a great fit but often superior quality at a more affordable price.
If you are woman with small feet, i would like to hear what you think of above list. Did we miss any of your favorite places to buy women shoes for small feet? Let us know in the comments below.

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